Erdosteine is Edmond Pharma’s most successful Molecule,
produced both in API and finished product forms, totally
developed in house with Edmond research. Today it’s
marketed in nearly 40 countries worldwide.



Erdosteine is a mucolitic and it has a clinical efficacy in acute respiratory disease and in COPD with a unique mechanism of action. The Erdosteine molecule is characterised by the presence of two sulphur atoms: one in the aliphatic side chain and the second enclosed in the heterocyclic ring (thiolactone). With these two blocked thiol groups, Erdosteine is an inactive pro-drug. Following first-pass metabolism, the opening of the thiolactone ring and desacetylation of the aliphatic side chain liberates free SH groups, with the formation of the active metabolite I, N-thiodiglycolylhomocysteine (Metabolite I), so, Erdosteine has no direct effect on gastric mucus


Co-administration of antibiotics do not interfere to the action of the drug, unlike other compounds with similar therapeutic indications.
Clinical findings also demonstrate that Erdosteine has good gastric tolerability after oral administration, and do not cause reflux phenomena like others thiols.
Compounds containing thiol groups often have an unpleasant smell and after intake may frequently cause reflux phenomena. These problems do not occur with Erdosteine.


Chemical Structure

  • muco-modulatory activity
  • antibacterial adhesivity – infection prevention
  • anti-inflammatory activity
  • antioxidant activity
  • potentiation (in vivo) of antibiotic therapy in respiratory infections

Available formulations

Capsules 150 / 300 mg
Sachets 225 mg
Suspension 35 / 50 / 60 / 90 / 100 ml
Dispersible tablets 300 mg

*not all formulations are available in every country